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Diamond Baits V-Loc Swimbait Heads

Diamond Baits V-Loc Swimbait Heads

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The Diamond V-Loc hook are unlike any other Swimbait head on the market. They where designed 100% with the A-Rig in mind. Starting with the 30° line tie Diamond shaped head that gives the bait a lot more action than the standard 60° and 90° heads when you are slow rolling your rig . The 30° Diamond head also excels when fishing your rig in grass greatly reducing grass hanging on the hook eye. The head has a screw lock spring bait keeper to hold your bait secure fish after fish . I also went with a Victory V-Loc Hook which help keep the fish pinned when you are dragging in 2 or 3 at the time!  
Recommended bait size per hook.

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